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Shout Out - February 2019
Posted 2/20/19

Tracy MartinSharon SinghDr. Wallace announced her 'Superintendent Shout Outs' - of those nominees, a site staff member and District Office staff member were selected at random for special recognition. Selected this month were Millard Elementary Para-Educator, Tracy Martin, and FUSD's Human Resources Personnel Assistant, Sharon Singh.

February nominees:

School Staff Name Reason
American High Leslie DiFranco Ms. DiFranco is the favorite of all our students. She helps hundreds of students every day with their homework, research, and providing a great place to study. In addition to all the help she provides on a daily basis, she is known for her bulletin board decorations. This month's board celebrating Black History Month was particularly outstanding!
Brier Elementary Julie Hale Mrs. Hale is loved by all of our students. Not only is she a plethora of information when it comes to choosing appropriate books, she organizes fun contests and dresses up for all spirit days. Each year the library has a theme; this year it is The Enchanted Forest. Mrs. Hale works closely with classroom teachers to support student learning. Life at Brier would not be the same without Mrs. Hale.
Brookvale Elementary Lena Anderson Lena is the heart and soul of our school. She is the principal's right and left arm and assists with the running of a very efficient office. Lena serves as a mentor secretary for FUSD. She is called frequently to get information about policy and procedures for the district regarding office protocols, she is extremely knowledgeable about past practice and board policies. Due to her expertise and dedication, Lena has been recognized as the Region 6 Classified Employee of the year in 2016. She implements effective protocols for the front office, she spends a great deal of time ensuring that teachers, parents and other staff know district and school expectations and is phenomenal as implementing those expectations. She is amazing and she can be trusted to make sound and precise decisions.
Centerville Junior High Lisa Gallegos Ms. Gallegos certainly puts the child first in Child Nutrition Services. She encourages every child to eat a healthy and nutritious lunch. She works well with the school staff and is flexible in her approach. She is a wonderfully positive influence on the whole Centerville school community. She is organized and adaptable and has a fondness for the students treating everyone with respect. We are all thankful to have such a professional and friendly Child Nutrition Assistant at our site. Thanks Ms. Gallegos!
Chadbourne Elementary Pat Fong Pat is an amazing addition to our staff, who work with all our students who need intervention support. She enjoys spending time with the students and they really connect with her and grow in their academic progress.
Durham Elementary Pamela Petrini Pam is always ready and willing to help out for any emergency. She not only serves as Principal Designee but also as C&I Liaison coaching teachers on curriculum matters and any other issues that come up. The school is in very good hands under Pam Petrini's lead. Thank you Pam!!!
Forest Park Elementary Chi-Ching Chow Mrs. Chow came to Forest Park last year and we have been so happy to have her here! Mrs. Chow is dedicated, dependable, and has built such positive relationships with students and staff. Mrs. Chow works with students who need additional academic support. Mrs. Chow goes above and beyond in preparation to support students each and every day. Mrs. Chow's dedication and dependability make her so important to our school!
Glankler Preschool Erica Nuñez Ms. Erica Nuñez is one of our school psychologists on the Preschool Assessment Team. To date, she has led her team in completing nearly 50 initial assessments during the 2018-19 school year. Ms. Nuñez consistently brings her "A" game to everything she does. She completes thorough evaluations, writes comprehensive and comprehensible reports, and gains the confidence of nervous parents when presenting difficult information related to their child's needs. Last, but not least, Ms. Nuñez is equally competent conducting IEP meetings in English or Spanish and has been observed to go above and beyond in helping our Spanish-speaking parents with any situation school-related or to their child's well-being.
Glenmoor Elementary Marva Gelesic Marva, our K-2 push-in intervention teacher, is an integral part of our comprehensive intervention program. When Marva enters a room our students who want and need the extra help and support automatically know it is time to work when they see her. She helps support our students during the designated Response to Interventions time and also ELD time to focus on the priority standards. She also co-runs our lunch time Will Club assisting those students who need additional support with homework or unfinished school work. Marva is a warm and kind hearted person who always puts the academic and social progress of our students first.
Green Elementary Veronica Luna Veronica is an important member of the Green team. She is always willing to help out with anything needed. Veronica welcomes our families with a smile when they enter the office. When students enter, she greets them by name.
Hirsch Elementary Vaishali Parikh Vaishali is an outstanding member of our Hirsch team. She is one of the first faces to greet families and students when they enter our door. Her memory is one of a kind as she greets students by name and can even remember the last times they visited the office if being seen for an injury! She is on top of our attendance records and works closely with me to improve absences and tardies for our students. She is a very dedicated individual and we all appreciate her so much!
Horner Junior High Christina Flores Christina Flores is a long time Horner employee. She helps new families get acclimated to Horner and is one of the first people that community members met. She is knowledgeable, helpful, caring a kind. In addition, she goes above and beyond for Horner staff and students, making sure that birthday and special events are acknowledged and celebrated. She has also been known to arrange retirement parties, summer kick off parties and Winter festivals. She improves the culture at Horner by spreading her positive attitude and care for others. Horner is lucky to have her!
Irvington High Linda Kimmel Ms. Kimmel is an amazingly competent and organized person. Her willingness to take on the coordination of AP tests is greatly appreciated by the admin at IHS. She is prompt in her replies to parents and students, makes sure that students receive their proper accommodations and that all of the many College Board rules and regulations are fulfilled. Thank you to Ms. Kimmel! We are fortunate and appreciative of her willingness to take on the AP beast.
Leitch Elementary Bethany VanAlstine Bethany has been a wonderful asset to Leitch. She is extremely helpful in supporting out students. Bethany knows her students well and does great communicating with parents during IEP's. She always comes up with creative ways to get children to love reading and writing even when they are struggling. She builds positive relationships with her students and we seen huge growth in our resource students.
Maloney Elementary Lois Schultz Mrs. Schultz has been a part of Maloney Elementary for more than 40 years! After her retirement years ago, she has continued to serve our community as a substitute teacher, and most recently our intervention teacher. Our students and staff absolutely love her! Mrs. Schultz is also someone who will always lend a hand, and support anyone when they need it! She totally rocks!
Mattos Elementary Carline Hom Carline is an amazing parent and school team member who continually works to improve services to students, staff, and our school through her excellent involvement in school safety and supervision before, during, and after school. She is a leader and thoughtful advocate of excellence who coordinates services, collaborates with others, and encourage students to be their best selves daily.
Millard Elementary Tracy Martin Tracy is phenomenal with our students. She continually encourages students to succeed and is a master at calming students in crisis. In addition to being an outstanding para-educator, Tracy runs our safety patrol program. She recruits and trains student volunteers, sets up and takes down traffic cones and safety crossing markers daily, and is our stellar crossing guard. Wait there's more! Tracy also manages our school lost and found. Thank you, Tracy, for keeping our kids safe and happy. The Millard community benefits everyday from your hard work, and we appreciate you!
Mission San Jose Elementary Roberta Steinberg Roberta provides an environment in which it is 'cool' to hang out in the library. She allows students to access the library from the moment she arrives until she leaves. During lunchtime, Roberta has provided an area in which students can participate in silent activities besides reading. Her selection of books is based on student interest as our monthly circulation rate is always way above the District Average. Roberta works closely with classroom teachers as long term projects are always on display throughout the library.
Mission San Jose High Toby A. Remmers Toby, in his second year of teaching consistently strives to do what is best for kids while also making EVERY lesson engaging and interesting. Toby connects lesson in his U.S. History classes with national and local history. This connection to place ensures engagement by all learners. Mr. Remmers is an empathetic listener. He listens to students to understand rather than simply to respond. Toby is an adult on campus who can be trusted by students and colleagues alike to provide support and guidance. We are lucky to have him!
Mission Valley Elementary Daniel Chevres Daniel is our custodian extraordinaire. He keeps our school in great working order and takes great pride in his work. Daniel works well with all staff members. He looks out for staff members and goes above and beyond to make sure our students have a well maintained school with which to learn and play. Daniel is definitely one of a kind.
Niles Elementary Diane Mikuni As we gear up for Read Across America week, Mrs. Mikuni is busy planning her second Book Fair of the year. Mrs. Mikuni's library is a welcoming place for all of the students at Niles. She knows each of our students well, and makes sure that there are a variety of materials to address their preferences and needs. Each month, she highlights books that align with our character trait. At recess, kids look for the flag she puts out to let them know the library is open. She has activities, such as coloring pages, available to them. Kids simply love the Niles library because of Mrs. Mikuni's work and dedication. More importantly, she is helping to instill a life-long love of reading in our kids. Thanks Mrs. Mikuni!
Oliveira Elementary Lisa Huggins Lisa started this year at Oliveira as the ELD specialist. She goes above and beyond to reach all of the students on the Oliveira campus and truly believes in the whole child. This is a new position on our campus and Lisa has embraced it with a positive attitude that is contagious to everyone. She also teaches after school intervention classes because of her belief that every child on our campus deserves to have chance with success. Lisa's patience and organization skills assist everyone at Oliveira to move forward addressing the needs of our EL learners. We are truly fortunate to have Lisa at Oliveira!
Parkmont Elementary Mrs. Petersen Mrs. Petersen is a wonderful asset and resource to all of us at Parkmont. She welcomes students and staff each day into her library and encourages the love of reading. She's not just our Librarian; she is a confidant, a champion for students, a kind shoulder to lean on, and so much more. She is willing to help in any way she can to anyone and everyone at Parkmont. Mrs. Petersen is also a student herself and never stops learning and growing! She constantly wants to improve her skills and knowledge. We are so lucky to have her here at Parkmont!
Patterson Elementary Denise Van Loon Denise has been a great addition to Patterson. She welcomes everyone with a smile and provides the necessary assistance to our students and families. Denise is a team player and she supports our front office staff in any way that she can. She has a caring personality and she truly takes pride in her work. We are fortunate to have her on our team.
Thornton Junior High Maybelle Advincula Maybelle has been running the line like a fine tuned machine. She has been part of the Thornton family but took over the lead position at the beginning of the year. She is friendly with the students and very organized. Students are respectful in return. The minor changes she has implemented has sped up the process of making sure the kids move through the line quickly. Her positive attitude is a strong attribute and she is to be commended.
Vallejo Mill Elementary Adriana Pinto Muñoz Adriana is a Spanish bilingual SDC paraeducator who is a valued part of our school community. She is well liked by all. She knows how to teach and connect with students who have special needs. She is a counselor at heart and frequently goes above and beyond to provide her students with basic needs outside the school setting. She works well with the SDC teacher, and they often co-teach. I appreciate her willingness to be flexible, adjust plans as needed, and assist with school wide behavior issues. Overall, she demonstrates an outstanding work ethic.
Walters Junior High Nancy Kent-Berge Nancy has been at Walters for many years. She strives to help students and staff. The joy of reading is transformed from her fingertips to our students as she searches to match exciting books that challenge and adds to our student's education. We are fortunate to have her in our library.
Warm Springs Elementary Lisa Blizel Lisa has done an amazing job as our LMT. She always provides engaging activities for our students when they visit and constantly updates our library selections. She promotes scholastic summer reading programs and has even won the contest, numerous times. Our library and student engagement with literature would not be the same without her dedication, passion and leadership around getting students to love reading. We appreciate you Lisa! Thank you!
Washington High Julie Hockenson Julie has done a fantastic job as the WASC coordinator at Washington this year. She has led the school in a comprehensive review of our action plan and has written a terrific mid-term report. The document Julie created will greatly benefit the students at Washington as we move towards our full review in three years. On top of being the WASC coordinator, Julie is a fantastic teacher who has high expectations for students and who helps students meet those expectations.
District/Dept. Staff Name Reason
Budget, Audit, Attendance Tracy Blincoe Tracy always finds a way to improve methods, workflows and techniques in the performance of responsibilities. Since the beginning of her job, she has simplified the review of Position Control and Attendance Accounting. She is very computer savvy as well. She creates EXCEL spreadsheet models to make data more sensible for users. With her positive personality, she provides the best customer service to everyone who needs help. Tracy is has proven herself to be a valuable member of the FUSD team.
Transportation Katie Daniello Katie is a Transportation star. She always has a plan to make our department run better. She has created spreadsheets and documents to assist our parents, students, and staff in receiving important information in a timely manner so they do not have to wait for assistance. Katie assisted in the implementation of the new bus pass software at FUSD that now allows parents to purchase their students bus passes without having to come to transportation. Ideas like this and so many more are how Katie make each day better for our students at FUSD.
Human Resources Sharon Singh Sharon has done an excellent job assisting in various capacities while others have been out. In addition, she has taken the lead on very important HR projects as well as having streamlined the TB verification process.
Curriculum & Instruction Jessica Andrade-Azua Jessica continues to grow in her understanding of her unique position supporting our school library professionals. She is alert to ways we can improve our service, and always comes to me with a solution in mind. She is very low-key and kind, along with being extremely capable.
Assessment & Accountability Erin Dahl Erin has a knack for taking a very complex task (data oriented of course) and thinking it through to make it easy to understand for various stakeholders. She is always willing to help with projects and takes great pride in accuracy. She is always willing to help colleagues, within and outside of the department.
Fed & State Sharon Jeevarathenam Sharon is a tremendous assistance to our department as we have many federal and state grants that we receive and in charge of. She ensures that our budgets are aligned with our priorities. Each grant has it's on formula for calculations and different rules for implementation. She is an expert in each of our programs. She was instrumental in our work with our outside auditor recently where we had no findings for our TItle 1 and Title 3 programs. She is a great team player and always willing to help our school staff with budgets.