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Kelsey Camello - Alumni
Posted 10/1/18


Kelsey Camello

Which FUSD schools did you attend and when?
I attended private school for kindergarten and 1st-grade, then went to Patterson Elementary for six months and Brookvale Elementary for five years. I attended Thornton Junior High School and graduated from American High School in 2007.

Did you go on to college?
I attended Ohlone Community College (Fremont & Newark) and Cabrillo Community College (Aptos) before transferring to San Jose State University. I majored in History with a focus on Women’s History, American History & Public History. I graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2013.

What are you doing now?
I am a part-time, stay at home mom and part-time worker. I work two days a week – one day for a State Farm agent in Fremont, and one day at the local history museum in Mission San Jose. We cover the history of Washington Township (Fremont, Newark and Union City). My work there mainly consists of archiving and cataloging. I also work there in a voluntary capacity as President of the Board of Directors. The duties that go along with that are too many to mention.  

How did your time with FUSD help prepare you for your career?
My time with FUSD helped prepare me for my career in that I was exposed to so many varied situations along the way. Through field trips, in-class projects and assignments, and diverse student bodies and teachers, I never felt that there was a lack of experiences to be a part of. I am now able to work in different settings with different people and feel prepared for whatever might come my way.

Who are some of the teachers/staff who had the greatest influence on you?
Mrs. Burke (2nd-grade, Brookvale), Mr. Weber (5th-grade, Brookvale), Mr. Creger (American HS, English), Mrs. Smith (American HS – English), Mrs. Martin (American HS – AP English), Ms. Hatten (American HS – Yearbook), Mrs. Criss-Harvey (American HS – Art/Peer Resource).

What advice do you have for current students about how to best take advantage of their FUSD experience?
Take advantage of all that FUSD has to offer – the diverse people, the opportunities available in extra-curricular activities, the staff available to help you succeed – all of it is a privilege. Not all districts have what we have. Enjoy it all, learn everything you can, and have fun!

Anything else you’d like us to know about you?
I’d like to thank FUSD for my husband! I met him when we were 12 years old at Thornton Junior High. We’re 29 now and eight years into our marriage with a 3 ½ year old and our second child on the way. We own a home in Union City and both live lives that we find happy and fulfilling. He wasn’t a lover of school (though I was), but many of the staff and teachers worked hard to keep him in school instead of transferring or dropping out. Thank you for hiring people who truly care about the well-being and future of their students!