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Ayushi Sharma - Alumni
Posted 9/15/18


Ayushi Sharma

Which FUSD schools did you attend and when?
Mission San Jose High School – Class of 2014

Did you go on to college?
Emory University – Bachelor of Science, 2018
Creighton University School of Medicine - now enrolled

What are you doing now?
I am starting my M1 year in medical school this fall. I spent the summer working for Universities Allied for Essential Medicines, an international organization dedicated to bringing equal access to medications in third-world countries and driving down the cost of for-profit drugs. I also got to backpack across India on a solo trip. 

How did your time with FUSD help prepare you for your career?
It taught me resilience. My time at Mission San Jose High School was challenging and sometimes painful, but I learned to never give up and to constantly test my upper limits. While I was an average student at MSJHS, I turned out to be the top of my class in my undergraduate institution and gain acceptance into several medical colleges thanks to the work ethic my high school instilled in me.

Who are some of the teachers/staff who had the greatest influence on you?
My geometry and pre-calculus teacher, Dr. Charlie Brucker. I have never been pushed or tested so aggressively, even in my later academic experiences. I learned how to efficiently work and think outside of the box, as well as optimize my time. Dr. Brucker truly cared about what happened to his students, how much they learned, and the state they came out of his class in – be it academically, mentally, or otherwise. I was taught that just because a class or situation was hard didn’t mean the teacher did not care or the subject wasn’t meaningful for a student. 

What advice do you have for current students?
Don't let bad grades, or a challenging high school experience get you down – they don't in any way define your later success. Keeping your optimism and spirit will get you where you need to go. Hard work never, ever goes unrewarded. 

‘Where Are They Now’ update from Sept 2018