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Board of Education Overview

Our Mission

STudentsOur mission is to provide equitable opportunities that educate, challenge, and inspire students of all ages, talents, and ability levels while preparing each with the skills required to adapt and succeed in an ever-changing world. Philosophy and Goals [↗]

Board Agendas, Minutes and Policies (BoardDocs)

Fremont Unified School District’s Board of Education information is hosted on Board Docs [↗].

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE:   The Board Policies and Administrative Regulations of the Fremont Unified School District are on Board Docs [↗].  The policies and regulations have been organized into nine topic areas, each of which has been assigned a topical reference series of numbers.

To Contact the Board Members use the email address on the Members page. The Board Members do not have offices at the District.

Phone: (510) 659-2542 - Office of the Superintendent

Patty Sandoval
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent & Board of Education