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Advanced Placement Testing Info (AP)

American High School
Irvington High School
Kennedy High School
Mission San Jose High School
Washington High School

The comprehensive high schools within Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) seek to offer opportunities for all learners to demonstrate their proficiency in a variety of ways.  One such way is by partnering with the College Board to administer Advanced Placement (AP) Exams.  It is important to note that schools within FUSD are required to adhere to College Board requirements such as registration dates, testing policies, fee assessments, and more. College Board has required all schools to register students during the beginning of the school year, which is a change from past practice.  All students enrolled in a FUSD AP course are now required by the College Board to create an online account/profile. This account is a lifetime account which students will use to access their scores and register for exams. School sites will provide further information about AP exam sign ups.    

If you have specific questions please contact the AP Coordinator at your child’s school.

  • Regular AP exam price is $110.00 per exam
  • World Language and Music exam price is $140.00 per exam
  • Cancellation fee is $50.00 per exam cancelled (After November 12th)

Exam registration will take place in October and schools will notify students when the window opens.

  • FUSD schools do not allow non-FUSD students to enroll for AP Exams
  • FUSD students must take exams at the site for which they are enrolled. (For example, a MSJHS student may not take an exam at JFKHS.)